Islands Review - Highland council area Public Consultation

Closes 26 Jan 2021

Opened 4 Nov 2020


We are conducting a public consultation on our proposals for the number of councillors, wards and ward boundaries and their names in Highland council area.

When complete, our review will make recommendations to Scottish Ministers.

The public consultation will run from 4 November 2020 until  26 January 2021. We consulted Highland Council earlier this year.

Why we are consulting

One of the main reasons we undertake reviews is that the population, and therefore the electorate, of any local authority area is constantly changing, with people moving into or out of areas as well as within the same area. As a result of these changes, some councillors may come to represent considerably more, or fewer, electors than other councillors in the same council area. It is our responsibility in our reviews to make recommendations that ensure that each councillor represents as nearly as possible the same number of electors. 

The Islands (Scotland) Act 2018 introduced the option to use one or two member wards where a ward contained an inhabited island, in addition to the current multi-member ward system. The Act requires us to review the six councils containing inhabited islands, including Highland, as soon as possible.

We consult widely on our proposals with the councils under review, as well as the public, as we want our final recommendations to be informed by local input as far as possible. We also have to work within rules set in legislation.

We expect our recommendations, if accepted, to be in place for the next local government elections in May 2022.

Helpful Information

Summary of our proposals for Highland

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